Build a repeatable, sustainable compliance process using common data in one system for all direct tax reporting—including estimates, extensions, returns, new IRS filings, analytics, audits, and RAR.

Learn how Corptax targets your specific needs in ways no one else can.

Preparers, here's a sampling of what we'll demonstrate:

  • Eliminate manipulation of source data and store data centrally for security, accuracy, and audit trails
  • Prepare state/federal returns simultaneously, including calculating/automating apportionment factors and allocations
  • Update and track ownership/equity changes and produce organizational charts instantly

Reviewers and analysts, see all this plus more:

  • Achieve instant provision-to-compliance reconciliation
  • Attain faster, smoother audits and RAR using one version of truth and verifiable info
  • Directly access analytics to visualize data based on your reviews—collaborate and plan more effectively

Also, learn why Corptax leads the way for TCJA by automating calculations, accounting for data dependencies, showing impacts to taxable income, and incorporating changes, hands-free!