Use Powerful Automation to Advance your Tax Department

There's only one way to maximize control over corporate tax: manage all processes in a single, seamless system. You'll get time back to analyze and plan, benefit from built-in calculations, process data-sets in seconds, and reuse data countless ways—including methods to address tax reform.

Join us on-demand for a look at the CSC Corptax® Single Solution in action. Learn how the market’s only single system positions you to quickly:

  • Get Data: Import huge volumes of complex data from multiple sources in just one pass—and just one time! Maintain pristine data for every process from provision through return.
  • Manage Data: Structure data for all tax reporting needs at any level of granularity—and know entities are 100% up to date.
  • Use Data: Seamlessly connect to analytics programs, create planning scenarios based on changes like tax reform, compare data-sets, and share data with ease
  • Automate Processes: Save weeks of time and intensive manual work by using built-in calculations and robotic processing across the tax lifecycle.

No other system helps you understand the impact of tax reform and optimize opportunities the way a single system can. View the webinar today!