Today’s financial accounting close process requires more from tax departments than ever before. It’s essential to meet the pressures of:
  • Shrinking close windows
  • Increased globalization
  • Changes in regulatory environments
  • Repercussions from errors
  • The growing need to analyze and share data
While Excel will always have its place, poring over calculations and manually ticking and tying back to numbers consumes time better spent on reviews, analyzing for accuracy, and identifying trends and anomalies.

By leveraging automation to streamline workflow, generate reporting, perform diagnostic analytics, populate schedules, and more—you’ll have the tools necessary to deliver a better provision and drive business value throughout the organization.

Watch the webinar as we cover considerations for evaluating:
  • Why now is the time to move beyond manual calculations
  • How to gain major provision process efficiencies and enhancements
  • How to leverage current processes while preparing for future challenges