Discover how CSC Corptax® Provision automates calculations and provides multiple approaches to visualize data for a clean, concise picture of your optimal corporate income tax results:

  • Provide data-driven insights to support business changes and reporting requirements
    • Support cross-functional goals using common data across the business
    • Leverage consistent data for review and analysis using common profiles
  • Build repeatable processes, repurpose data, and manage multiple data models
    • Manage reporting and workflows for GAAP, STAT, state, and foreign reporting groups
    • Standardize data collection from foreign controllers
    • Automate consolidations and configure sub-consolidates
    • Identify rate drivers early by tracking positions and changes to ETR
  • Run scenario planning and comparative reporting for instant variance analysis
    • Determine the impact of revaluing deferreds
    • Analyze period-over-period data