Fully leverage data and software, streamline processes, update system skills.

In as little as half a day—done remotely—CSC Corptax® tax experts examine what you want to optimize and hand you the steps. Apply them yourself or with our help. It’s a fast, easy way to use your system data to complete advantage, streamline work, and get time back for other pressing matters. Complete the form to learn more.

Request a PRO-Check if you need to:

  • Adjust to business changes—mergers, acquisitions, divestitures
  • Overhaul a business or tax process
  • Adopt automation and review new features
  • Start or improve data analytics and visualizations
  • Refresh Corptax skills or help new users
PRO-Checks cover single workflows to complete processes. Use your Corptax data and system to their fullest—ask about a PRO-Check.