Get ahead of K-2/K-3 changes and learn how to streamline federal and state pass-through processes for partnerships, LLCs and S-Corps.

Join the webinar as we demonstrate how CSC Corptax® automation helps you gather new data and understand new schedule requirements for pass-through entities with foreign activity/partners.

We’ll show you how to accelerate compliance and provision with processed allocations, standardized dataflow across entities, and automated tiering to internal owners. Also discover how to:

  • Automate dataflow for adjustments, state apportionment factors, flow through, and footnotes
  • Instantly update effective ratios for ownership transfers
  • Streamline K-1 footnotes, special allocations, and outside K1 data

Come see what we’ve built to deliver time-savings and accuracy as you populate and report on potentially thousands of new data points—and do the planning and reviewing that goes with it.