CSC Corptax® welcomes 2017 Tax Transformer winner Kiewit Corporation for a look at how moving from separate systems to a single system put Tax and Accounting on the same page. Now they complete 270 annual provisions and RTPs for corporations, partnerships, and joint ventures without the need to manually calculate, reconcile, consolidate, or update data!

With two departments sharing one system, Kiewit will demonstrate how they:

  • Reuse 90% of return data for RTP without manual intervention
  • Complete RTP 75% faster and free up staff by 50%
  • Run RTP reports for analysis within seconds versus weeks
  • Minimize and easily identify true-up rate reconciliation items on financials
  • Give external auditors accurate data for 32 financial statement tax balances and footnotes

Learn how Corptax helps Kiewit streamline all areas of tax:

  • Federal, state, and partnership returns
  • International reporting, including Canadian returns
  • FAS 109, tax reserve, apportionment, and more
As Kiewit's Lead Tax Accountant says, “With its ready to use features, Corptax gives all departments the same system and the same data to use for provision through return.” Fill out the form to view this webinar.