Use the system you already know to automatically calculate, maintain, and update foreign entity data—and cover tax reform, too!

See how CSC Corptax® International Compliance automates complex calculations and makes it easier to analyze data, plan, and meet filing requirements. We’ll demonstrate how users:

  • Compute current foreign E&P and show detailed/summary results; track historical E&P by pool, layer year, §959 type, and basket
  • Use provided calculations for GILTI, FDII, and BEAT to facilitate tax reform deliverables
  • Comply with Subpart F rules: analyze income by basket/subpart F, apply exclusions/limitations, add income categories
  • Automatically compute Foreign Tax Credit limitation for foreign income baskets, allocate foreign/domestic losses, separate limitation losses, track attributes for future re-characterization

Plus, we’ll show income sourcing, expense apportionment, IRS form preparation, and more.

If you’re a multi-national enterprise ready to streamline international compliance, this webinar is for you! View the recording today.