Integrating provision and compliance, Corptax GMT automates planning, calculating, and reporting on everything Pillar Two: Top-up Tax, GloBE Information Return, local country QDMTTs, and more!

Jumpstart planning and prep for the Global Minimum Tax (GMT) and Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax (CAMT).

The CSC Corptax® Global Minimum Tax solution gives you connections, calculations, analytics, and reporting to assess, visualize, and share how new GMT and CAMT requirements could impact the business. You can license the GMT and CAMT components of the Corptax GMT solution together or separately. 

Bring together data within Corptax and other sources to calculate and analyze your organization’s ETR by country and by entity—and help identify risk.

Analyze your potential for a Top-up Tax with several reports covering:

  • GloBE Income
  • Covered Taxes
  • Substance-based Income Exclusion
  • Effective Tax Rate

Drive even more value by evaluating:

  • Safe Harbor applicability
  • Blended CFC Taxes (GILTI allocations)
  • GMT Groups
Ask about expert help from Corptax Professional Services for implementation, loan-staffing, and the GMT Readiness Assessment Package designed to help you source, organize, and share data as you prepare for the GMT and CAMT.

For a detailed info sheet and sample dashboards, please complete the form. Corptax clients can also reach out to their Account Manager and find resources in Corptax Connections.