Today’s dynamic world calls for careful tax planning. The ability to quickly glean insights from tax data can reveal the right steps.

CSC Corptax® empowers analytics with a diverse set of tools to automate the push and pull of data between Corptax and popular applications.

Explore the "ins-and-outs" of streamlined data exchange these solutions provide:

  • CSC Corptax Connector for Alteryx
  • CSC Corptax Connector for Microsoft Power BI
  • CSC Corptax Office and Point of View (POV)
  • CSC Corptax Web Services API
  • CSC Corptax Data Exchange Manager
Call Corptax for a conversation at 800.966.1639 or email [email protected]. Corptax customers are welcome to reach out to their Account Manager to learn more.

Clients on Corptax

"The ability to create Alteryx workflows and Power BI visualizations with Corptax data during tax prep improved planning and transformed federal, state, and international compliance processes."

Siu Hardin, Manager - Tax Automation and Compliance, Brunswick