Has tax reform revealed painful "GAAPS" in your provision process? 

Do you struggle to organize, structure, and reconcile data from multiple source systems and foreign controllers? Can you quickly track book-to-tax changes? Visualize ETR impacts in charts and graphs?

View the webinar to learn how a single source of the truth helps you control provision data provided to global taxing authorities.

We will demonstrate how a scalable, sustainable solution lets you:

  • Store and extract data at any level with total transparency back to the source.
  • Instantly true-up—compare provision and compliance in one report.
  • Perform predictive analytics to address retro and prospective TCJA final guidance.
  • Meet short close cycles with concurrent a lot more!

Clients on Corptax

A single system means that once you’re done with provision, you're 90 percent done with compliance. That's efficiency.

Iris Lung, Farmers Insurance