Webinar: 10 Reasons Not to Miss CONNECT 2019

Take a well-deserved break and join us to learn 10 great reasons to make CONNECT 2019 a must-see event.

Whether you’re new to CSC Corptax® or a veteran user, we promise you’ll return to work speedier, savvier, and yes, saner!

Your hosts Kathleen Harrott and Maribeth Loughney will show you ways to boost your skill set, see how peers tackle TCJA, get actionable ideas, meet with experts, plus a whole lot more.

  1. New! Hands-on sessions where interaction meets imagination
  2. New! Hot Topics: TCJA, International, and more
  3. New! Lunch Connections: meet peers with shared interests
  4. New! Meet With Corptax: get answers, feedback & tips on topics of the hour
  5. Your fav! Client Experience sessions
  6. 2019 Tax Transformer Awards
  7. Tax Transformation Workshop
  8. Special events & networking functions
  9. Power Planner & CPE credits
  10. Discounts!

You’ll also get tips to meet your educational goals, convince your boss to attend, and use the Corptax CONNECT app.

Just 15 minutes with us will ensure you hit the ground running when you land in San Diego.

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