Only CSC Corptax® lets you use data entered once for state and federal compliance reporting, including estimates, extensions, returns, audits, RAR, and E&P analyses. Join the webinar to watch the magic.

We’ll start with automated data collect: import massive datasets in one pass at any level, and flow information to state and federal returns simultaneously.

Automate state and federal calculations, adjustments, estimates, apportionment, and reporting—and create unlimited unitary state groupings.

We will also demonstrate how a single database makes it possible to:

  • Streamline automated adjustments and tax sensitize your data with robotic processing
  • Bring in apportionment data one time for multiple uses
  • Work with current data thanks to automatic updates—no need to manually revise
  • Easily organize and assign attributes to entities for federal and state consumption
  • Export data to your favorite analytics programs at the touch of a button
Stop recreating data and switching systems for state and federal returns—and say goodbye to outsourcing costs. Watch the webinar today!