As tax departments face the triple threat of evolving regulations, increasing data needs, and calculation complexity beyond compare, returning to a structured, streamlined returns process can't come soon enough.

Join CSC Corptax® international and domestic compliance thought leaders as we look at common challenges that cause chaos around data dependencies – starting in source data and affecting calculations throughout the entire process:

  • Preparing 5471 and related schedules: data tracking, category of filer, new schedules, income divisions between categories
  • Tracking PTEP: intricate 'previously taxed earnings and profits' (PTEP) rules
  • GILTI Inclusion/Deduction: substantial new compliance obligations and added attributes
  • FDII Deduction: complex rules that could cause missteps preventing maximum FDII deduction
  • Foreign Tax Credit: complicated FTC rules – basket characterization and calculation, calculating and applying FTC, optimizing FTC
  • State Returns: TCJA and CARES Act provisions with potential impacts to state income tax calculations

Learn how to align international and domestic compliance efforts to avoid data duplication as you respond to ongoing tax volatility.

Hosted by:

Gary Colbert
CSC Corptax
Senior Director,
Content Management
and Design Services
Rob Stuenkel
CSC Corptax
Sales Engineer          
Marilynn Powell
CSC Corptax
Sales Engineer