Trying to manage today's tax volatility without technology is like trying to run a marathon backwards—doable but slow-going. The time has come to ditch massive spreadsheets, siloed data, and time-intensive manual work and embrace technology—but how to get started?

Join us for a webinar as we present exactly what you need to know to identify and build sustainable technology tailored to your needs.

First, learn how to identify your technology gaps, including implementing new data requirements across entities, data storage and access, workflow bottlenecks, and tax planning.

Next, learn steps fellow tax teams use to:

  • Store/reuse data and maintain data dependencies for provision, compliance, and planning
  • Automate processes and repetitive tasks with common rules, profiles, and standardization
  • Collaborate with the C-Suite and fellow departments to define a smart company tax strategy

Considering today's tax demands, the cost of forgoing technology is a risk no company can afford—especially when software is easy to implement and surprisingly cost-effective.

Clients on Corptax

"It’s essential to work smarter, not harder, so we use tax technology wherever possible."

Elisa Scaramuzzino, Director of Tax, Viacom