Manage fluctuations in capacity with loan-staffing services from CSC Corptax® Professional Services. You’ll use the software you know and keep data safe, accessible, and in your hands.

Download the data sheet for five business advantages of owning your data and details on our new offerings:

  • System Setup and Data Gathering Loan-Staffing Services
  • Compliance Loan-Staffing and In-House Consulting Services
  • Provision Loan-Staffing and In-House Consulting Services
  • Analytics, Automation, and Planning Loan-Staffing Service

Plus, read how fellow tax departments leveraged help from Corptax experts.


“Corptax is definitely my first choice for loan staffing help. All assigned state returns were finished on time, even with my incomplete workpapers. We met our deadlines thanks to Corptax."

Mira Pugh, Senior Tax Manager, Planar Systems