Join the Tax/Tech Huddle for an hour of analytics use cases designed to get your wheels turning. Four experts share ideas on how various reporting tools augment the tax lifecycle.

Spend more time understanding your data to fuel insightful reporting:

  • Explore the potential of Alteryx, Power BI, Power Query, and more—and enhance your skills
  • Observe new ways to connect your data to various business intelligence applications
  • Use dashboards to visualize, quickly grasp, and easily share analytics

Meet Your Speakers

Carter Butler

Product Marketing Manager
CSC Corptax

Carrie Ivicic

Sales Engineer
CSC Corptax

Jake Mack

Senior Consultant
CSC Corptax

Eric Ziemann

Senior Manager
CSC Corptax

Clients on Corptax

"Our ability to visualize data and key business indicators improves decision-making and earned us a shoutout from our CEO."

Emily Mauzy, Senior Manager, Interstate Batteries