The CSC Corptax® Single Solution leads the industry in automation and analytics. It’s the only product that empowers you to:
  • Enter data once to leverage in multiple ways for every process in the tax lifecycle
  • Easily collect, calculate, consolidate, analyze, and share data at any level of detail or volume
  • Gain confidence with on-demand access to trusted data
  • Tap into award-winning support, consulting services, and ongoing training opportunities
Watch the webinar to see how an entity-driven system transforms global-to-local tax for organizations of all sizes and stripes.

We’ll demonstrate how a single system:

  • Automates simple-to-complex process steps using CSC Corptax® BOTS
  • Easily imports/exports even the largest data sets from many sources, for many purposes, using CSC Corptax® ODBC and CSC Corptax® Office
  • Reports tax obligations for provision and federal, state, and international compliance using entity information housed in one place
Combining unprecedented speed, ease, and efficiency, a single system delivers the time and ability for Tax to elevate its value to the company. See how CSC Corptax® embraces tomorrow to help you transform tax today.