Mired in manual work or paying to outsource your provision? Join the webinar to learn how CSC Corptax® Provision fast-tracks the process. We’ll demonstrate automated data import, reconciliation, and adjustments, instant true-up, and one-click access to audit trails for all numbers

We’ll also cover:

  • Deferred roll-forwards: Schedule deferreds and get detailed analyses of current/noncurrent assets and liabilities, from beginning balances to current-year pre/post tax activity, including federal benefit of state
  • Return-to-Provision: Recall return and provision data in a single report for transparency to—and instant analysis of—differences
  • Footnotes: View a summary of current/noncurrent assets and liabilities by reporting period

Plus, see how to cut more work with easy account roll-forwards and the ability to know and understand the estimated tax rate for any point in time. You can even reuse provision data for compliance without rekeying!

Clients on Corptax

"Fully utilizing Corptax Provision—from general ledger through footnote—eliminated nights and weekends, improved morale, and gave us time for essential projects."

Jimmy Toy, Service Corporation International