If your team loses time gathering, organizing, finding, and fixing tax data—instead of understanding what it’s telling you—this webinar is for you.

Join us for a look at how better analytics are a natural outcome of CSC Corptax® Office automation advancements.

Learn better ways to:

  • Get Data. Automate data collection from any source anywhere at the touch of a button. Use Corptax Office to push and pull tax sensitized data in your Excel® workbooks. 

  • Manage Data. Use new Corptax Office features to organize, store, control, and instantly access data needed for Finance, Accounting, tax reporting, and internal auditors–in the format desired. 

  • Use Data. Leverage information for countless purposes: all reporting, KPI dashboards and visualization, understanding ETR differences, spotting anomalies, modeling regulatory changes—you name it, clean data is at your fingertips.

  • Automate Data. Automating processes yields reliable results ready to slice, dice, and flow to and from your trusted workpapers, automatically. 

Plus, see how Corptax Office Point of View (POV) pulls a whole range of data at once and populates tables using your pre-defined attributes to share throughout the enterprise.

Clients on Corptax

"Automating dataflow between three financial/tax systems via Corptax Office means less data entry, review time, and frustration, and more time to assess tax positions and savings opportunities for the company. Plus, reviewing data on a consolidated basis rather than on an individual basis saves even more time.”

Hamadi Bengabsia, Executive Director Tax Technology, CBS