Free the Team to Focus on Analytics

If your team loses time gathering, organizing, finding, and fixing tax data—instead of understanding what it’s telling you—this webinar is for you.

Join us for a look at how better analytics are a natural outcome of CSC Corptax® Office automation advancements. Learn better ways to:

  • Get Data. Automate data collection from any source anywhere at the touch of a button. Use Corptax Office to push and pull tax sensitized data in your Excel® workbooks. 

  • Manage Data. Use new Corptax Office features to organize, store, control, and instantly access data needed for Finance, Accounting, tax reporting, and internal auditors–in the format desired. 

  • Use Data. Leverage information for countless purposes: all reporting, KPI dashboards and visualization, understanding ETR differences, spotting anomalies, modeling regulatory changes—you name it, clean data is at your fingertips.

  • Automate Data. Automating processes yields reliable results ready to slice, dice, and flow to and from your trusted workpapers, automatically. 

Plus, see how Corptax Office Point of View (POV) pulls a whole range of data at once and populates tables using your pre-defined attributes to share throughout the enterprise.

Make your efforts more rewarding using the system you already know. View the webinar today!