Watch the webinar on demand as CSC Corptax® international compliance experts bring single-system automation benefits to life through client success stories.

Learn how storing and automating data in one place allows tax teams to accomplish multiple tasks in a fraction of the time it takes working manually in multiple systems.

We demonstrate how fellow tax teams automate source data import and form production, automate data dependencies across all processes, efficiently manage amended returns and audit processes, and much more.

  • Populate forms and schedules (5471, 8990, 8992, 8993, 1118) with a single calculation—no need to move data between applications
  • Determine and post pro rata share of deemed inclusion to U.S. shareholder—no need to manually process updated U.S. shareholder data
  • Prepare 5471 and related schedules, track PTEP, account for GILTI Inclusion/Deduction and FDII Deduction, and optimize Foreign Tax Credit
  • Post results of international calculations back to Form 1120, provision workpapers, and individual state returns