Navigating BEPS Compliance—Inside the IRS Ruling

Immersed in helping multinational organizations process tax data ahead of BEPS compliance, CSC Corptax® has gained deep insights into potential challenges and ways to meet them. Further, the recently released Treasury regulations have shed additional light on how best to report—both in general and for specific situations, such as partnerships, hybrids, branches, etc.

Join us for an informative session that will cover:

  • Understanding critical points necessary to formulate effective planning, analysis, and reporting—from data requirements to points of risk to precise timing and e-filing
  • Real-world examples of what your peers encounter as they prepare—including common roadblocks and risk factors to consider
  • Ways to streamline the process, including how best to analyze current tax data
  • Emerging best practices for coordinating data among various stakeholders, including Finance, Transfer Pricing, and Tax Reporting

No matter your stage of preparation, watch the webinar to understand important issues fellow organizations are facing as you learn best practices for BEPS CbC reporting.